BT-120 (Portable Bluetooth Speakers)


Audionic BT-120 built with powerful audio system. It features with innovative design and balanced sound. It is a great choice for your portable audio needs. It is easy to use, small, lightweight and handy enough to take on the go. It’s built with exceptional design and technology. The speaker featured with a Bluetooth enables technology which can easily connect it with various devices such as Tablet PC, Smart phones, Laptop and many other Bluetooth enabled devices. Its lightweight and small in size allows people to take it anywhere they want. With an amazing rechargeable battery design.The Audionic BT-120 can be used for a long time and you can enjoy music for hours without any interruptions. It has multi-functioned buttons and SD Card Support and Microphone. The most impressive design of speaker with sporty looks and advanced features makes your time a refreshing one.

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Impressive Design and Refreshing Sound

Bluetooth Connectivity

It has Bluetooth connectivity that works quietly and discreetly, it’s compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable battery of the speaker allows it to be used Upto 6 hours so you can take it anywhere and enjoy your favorite audio music etc.


The Audionic BT-120 comes with a microphone which perfectly converts sound waves into electrical energy variations which may then be amplified, transmitted, or recorded.

Multi-functioned Buttons:

The Multi-functioned buttons of the speakers enables it to be functioned with ease and has excellent wide sound spectrum and sound quality.

Water Resistant:

It comes with an aluminum casing body with compact size and water resistant. Its advance functions make it unbeatable.

Perfect Size:

The size of the speaker is 137 x 10.3 x 38 mm and Net Weight is 176 grams.




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