Smart E-Quran Teacher

Ahsan-ul-kalam is a digital Smart E-Quran Teacher. You can Listen, Recite, Learn, Memorize and Study with this Smart Device. This powerful tool has a unique technology to scan and read any page, chapter or verse from the Holy Quran included.You can touch the page number to listen to the page. Just point the device to any chapter and start listening to it. Or you can hear any verse from any page by simply touching the text of that verse.


The Ahsan ul Kalam comes with 10 famous reciters such as Al-Sudais, Al-Hudhaify, Al-Ghamidy, Abdul Basit, Al-Minshawi, Al-Hossary, Al-Afasy and many more.


Listen to the Quran being translated in your own language. Available translations include English, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi, French, German, Spanish and many more.

Certified Product

Ahsan-ul-Kalam Smart E-Quran Teacher Certified from Mehkma-e-Auqaaf Govt. of Pakistan. Ahsan ul Kalam is also carefully readed by 8 different reciters.

Books & Wallet Cards

Smart E-Quran Teacher comes with a complete package includes 1 Book ( Noorani Qaida ) and 12 Pockets Cards

DANY Reliability

Smart E-Quran Teacher is the offering of DANY, the name of reliability and trust in Techno World of Pakistan with assurance of 1 Year Warranty.



Ahsan Ul Kalam AK 700 has the Tafseer e Usmani in it. You can listen the tafseer of each aayah like the teanslation and recitation.

Rules of Reciting

This book contains Tajweed Rules with pictures and teaches you how and from where to pronounce the Arabic letters. The best thing is Ahsan ul Kalam can read everything on this book enabling your kids to learn Quran in an interactive way.


This special features allows you to listen the recitation and translation in combination.


If you want to memorise the Quran, the Ahsan ul kalam will be a great aid to you as all you have to do is place it on the ayah you want to memorise and touch it again to repeat it. Repeat it as many times as you want very easily


Azaan Alarm

Ahsan Ul Kalam AK 700 has the Azaan Alram feature. Set your country and you will hear the Azaan on time.

LED Display

The front display LED in Ahsan ul Kalam AK 700, will help you to select the options directly from the device.